CRM Manager

Lương: Thương lượng

Địa điểm: TP. HCM - VP YODY, Trụ sở chính - TP Hải Dương

Phòng ban: Phòng Marketing

Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 06/01 — 06/02/2023


- Carry out the mission: Bringing Vietnamese fashion products with good materials, good service to customers in regions of Vietnam and around the world.
- Opportunity to learn and develop yourself in Marketing expertise in retail industry, Online to Offline
- Wide promotion opportunities + good benefits
- Dynamic, young, creative and progressive team
- Big budget, strategic partner with many advertising platforms, opportunity to test new advertising tools
- Clear job orientation, well-trained training program


- Design/Revise Loyalty Foundation Program to partly adapt business requirement overtime
- Planning and delivering CRM strategies across the organization with a view to activate new users, retain existing users & win back churners
- Making sure the customer database is correctly segmented for targeted marketing activities.
- Designing & optimizing the marketing automation users flows for specific campaigns
- Set up KPIs/measurements as Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly target
- Define and monitor services performance metrics to detect potential gaps
- Monitor and translate customer experience metrics into in-depth insights to provide practical and actionable recommendations
- Ensure User experience during User Journey meet user expectations across touchpoints
- Being a part of internal CDP project: Working closely with IT Dev to ensure the availability of tracking events, Working with BI to provide the weekly/monthly/quarterly/ by-campaign reports in time.


- At least 5 years of experience in Marketing industry
- Have customer-centric mindset that consistently thinking on CRM methods to: Recruit new customers into Loyal Customers & Take good care of Loyal Customers to enhance advocacy.
- Experienced in customer journey management or customer analysis
- Understanding about strategic Marketing planning and tactics
- Numerate with the ability to produce reports and derive valuable insights and analysis with suggestions for improving the existing campaigns


- Year-end bonus: 01 - 03 monthly salary
- Professional development and training opportunities
- Opportunity for career growth
- Working office hours, Sunday off, 12 days of annual leave
- Pay insurance when officially according to regulations
- Free lunch allowance at the company.
- Provide computers for work 
- Celebrate birthdays, travel 1-2 times a year, enjoy special treatment policies from the company


- For more details, please contact us via g-mail: or Ms. Nhi: (+84) 982385198
- Website YODY Product:
- Website YODY Culture:

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