Head of Product (E-commerce)

Lương: Thương lượng

Địa điểm: Hà Nội

Phòng ban: E - Commerce

Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 18/08 — 30/09/2023

Summary Dept

As a team to orient, design and develop Yody‘s Ecommerce platform, moving towards an Omnichannel strategy in 2024 - 2025. Responsible for all features and availability of the Yody web/app for an outstanding and seamless customer experience.

Summary Position

The Head of Product is the chief architect of the web/app platform (yody.vn), responsible for selecting and deciding on features, product roadmap, and how to present and optimize the touch points on the web/app according to the customer journey to meet the needs of customers—company strategy on e-commerce and omnichannel.
Work address: No. 90 Nguyen Tuan Street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi Capital, Vietnam
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Key Responsibilities

- Product shaping: Identify required features and functions, devise product development strategies, and accelerate the product development process.
- Product lifecycle management: Manage the entire product lifecycle, from inception to termination, to ensure the product meets technical, competitive, and business requirements.
- Product design: Build a product roadmap, participate in product design to ensure that the product meets customer requirements and achieves the company‘s business goals.
- Product development: Promote the product development process to create new products and improve existing products to meet customer needs.
- Product Marketing: Devise the right marketing strategy and create marketing campaigns that meet customer requirements to ensure that the product is effectively promoted and reached the right audience. customer image.
- Product launch: Manage the product launch process to customers to ensure that products are delivered on schedule and of high quality.
- Customer care: Ensure that the end user is well taken care of, answering questions and offering solutions when having problems with the product.
- Process and improvement: Proposing and improving internal and interdepartmental working processes related to the development and continuous optimization of product operation.
- Team building & training: Orientation, recruiting team. Professional training for personnel in the product development team.

Key Requirement

- Bachelor‘s Degree in Technology/Engineering/Computer Science, business, marketing
- Experience: at least 3 years in a similar position, managing teams from 10 employees
- Have been in charge of at least 1 successful product launch and stable operation
- Priority: have REAL experience in the e-commerce field or have worked in a similar position at Tiki, Shopee, Momo, retail chains... and B2C platforms with a large number of users
- Knowledge and skills
+ Knowledge of Agile methodology and project management
+ Ability to think strategically and manage risk
+ Ability to improvise and adapt to the team environment
+ Good problem-solving, problem-solving, and decision-making skills
+ Professional training skills in product development

Benefits for you

- WIN - WIN income/bonus philosophy: get on the boat to conquer the big sea, divide fish at the end of the year: 
+ Year-end bonus: 1-3 months of income 
+ ESOP bonus policy according to Level 5 
- The company is a school: The company pays 100% of internal/external courses 
- Different corporate culture: Service culture, young and dynamic environment, many opportunities for promotion 
- Other policies and benefits
+ Working office hours, Sunday off, 12 days of annual leave 
+ Pay insurance when officially according to regulations 
+ Free lunch allowance at the company
+ Provide computers for work according to regulations 
+ Being able to celebrate birthdays, travel 1-2 times a year, enjoy special treatment policies from the company

Connect with YODY

- Phone/Zalo: 0888 821 259
- Email: Hr.mt@yody.vn
YODY invites you to find out more information at: 

- Sales website: https://yody.vn/
- Cultural website: https://yodylifestyle.com/

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