[Information Technology] Data Lead

Lương: Thương lượng

Địa điểm: Hà Nội, Trụ sở chính - TP Hải Dương

Phòng ban: Phòng IT (Fashion Tech)

Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 29/09 — 31/10/2023

Job Summary

We are seeking a dynamic and visionary Leader of Data Team to spearhead the development and growth of our data products at Yody. In this leadership role, you will lead teams of talented data professionals to harness the power of data and analytics, driving data-driven decision-making and innovation across the organization.


- Data Strategy: Develop and execute a comprehensive data strategy that aligns with our business goals, ensuring data products deliver actionable insights and value.

- Team Leadership: Lead and mentor a team of data scientists, analysts, engineers, and other data professionals, fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence.

- Product Development: Drive the ideation, design, and development of data products that enhance customer experiences, support marketing efforts, optimize operations, and inform strategic decisions.

- Data Governance: Establish and enforce data governance practices, ensuring data quality, security, compliance, and privacy.

- Stakeholder Collaboration: Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including product management, engineering, marketing, and operations, to identify data-driven opportunities and solutions.

- Innovation: Stay abreast of industry trends and emerging technologies, exploring and implementing innovative data solutions that give us a competitive edge.

- Performance Metrics: Define and track key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the impact and success of data products and initiatives.

- Budget Management: Manage the budget and resources effectively to meet product sand team goals.

- Reporting: Provide regular updates and reports to senior leadership on the progress and impact of data initiatives


- Bachelor‘s or Master‘s degree in data science, computer science, or a related field.
- Proven experience in a data leadership role, with a strong track record of developing and delivering data products.
- Expertise in data analytics, machine learning, data engineering, and data visualization.
- Strong leadership, communication, and collaboration skills.
- Experience with data governance, compliance, and data privacy regulations.
- Experience with building CDP
- Experience with agile product development, system thinking, and design thinking
- Familiarity with fashion industry trends and consumer behavior is a plus

If you are a data-driven visionary with a passion for innovation and leadership, we invite you to join our team and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our tech fashion company

Work location

You can work at one of the following two locations:
- In Hanoi: 90 Nguyen Tuan, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi City
- In Hai Duong: Head office: An Dinh Street, Viet Hoa Ward, Hai Duong City


- WIN - WIN income/bonus philosophy:
- Year-end bonus: 1-3 months of average income
- Young and dynamic environment, many opportunities for promotion
- Other policies and benefits:
+ 12 days of vacation per year
+ Free lunch at the company, support for travel and business expenses
+ Celebrate birthdays, travel 1 - 3 times/year and other special treatment policies

Connect with YODY

- Call/Zalo - 0888 906 258 (Ms Huyen)
- Email: tuyendung@yody.vn

More information about YODY at:
- Product website: https://yody.vn/
- Cultural website: https://yodylifestyle.com/


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