Chief Risk Officer

Lương: Thương lượng

Địa điểm: Hà Nội, Trụ sở chính - TP Hải Dương

Phòng ban: Phòng Quản trị rủi ro

Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 01/03 — 31/03/2024

We are seeking Chief Risk Officer who will will drive the following key functions with the intent to contribute to the long-term sustainability and growth of YODY, You will lead team of fraud risk, compliance, legal. You your primary focus designs, implements, facilitates and oversees the framework for risk management and compliance to assess and identify risks that could impede the reputation, safety, security, or financial success of the Company. Consults with departments across the institution to develop, fostering a risk-aware and opportunity culture and implementing robust enterprise risk management practices.  

- Conducts risk assessments, collecting and analyzing documentation, statistics, reports, and market trends.
- Establishes policies and procedures to identify and address risks in the Company‘s services and departments.
- Reviews, assesses risk management policies and protocols; makes recommendations and implements modifications and improvements.
- Recommends, implements risk management solutions such as legal, compliance, safety and security policies, corporate governance, business continuity plans, or recovery measures.
- Reviews analyzes metrics and data such as cash flow, inventory, breakage, and employee activity that could uncover fraudulent behavior.
- Provides strategic direction and oversees risk management and compliance. Develops the Company‘‘s risk management framework on Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).
- Drafts and presents risk reports and proposals to executive leadership and senior staff.
- Serves as a strategic partner for departments. Enables departments to manage interrelated risk when making informed decisions and policies to enhance strategic outcomes and fulfill objectives.
- Performs other duties as directed.

Required Skills/Abilities:
- Knowledge of regulatory compliance principles and practices
- Knowledge of business management and fiscal practices
- Thorough understanding of policies and best practices of risk management.
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
- Excellent mathematical and critical thinking skills.
- Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
- Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
- Strong supervisory and leadership skills.

Education and Experience:
- Bachelor‘s degree in Risk Management, Finance, or related field required.
- At least one year of related experience preferred from Big 4.

In the face of global challenges that demand continuous learning to propel our career paths, are you seeking the following?

- A dynamic, open, and diversity-respecting work environment that fosters a culture of continuous learning.
- Leadership trust and empowerment, enabling you to engage with and address practical challenges arising from the market.
- Rapid career development path with competitive salary.
- Year-end bonuses, ESOP bonuses based on business performance.
- Full salary during the probationary period.
- Special policies from YODY (holiday gifts, internal purchase discounts, etc.).
- Full participation in social insurance, health insurance, and unemployment insurance.
- Individual accommodation provided in Hai Duong City, with daily transportation between Hanoi and Hai Duong.
-Transportation services available for YODY employees residing in the Vinhomes Oceanpark or Ecopark areas.

- Email:
- Hotline: 0888 092258

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